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LED Viewer Bulbs

Super bright with very long lifetimes these bulbs fit in all the stereo viewers we have tried (Realist, Viewmaster Model D, Revere, many others).   Very white light, very long life.  Screw type.  Unlike the other bulbs on this page the orientation of the batteries effect the how these work.  If your viewer does not light up when you put this in change the poles of the batteries until it lights.  Trust us...

LED LED  Stereo viewer Bulb 14.95

Incandescent Viewer Bulbs14.jpeg (53350 bytes)

This is the old fashioned bulb for your battery operated 3D viewers.  We have a regular version and a bright version.  These are not as bright as the halogen or LED bulbs.  They have a slightly yellow incandescent tinge that many find pleasing.  They have less of a lifetime than the halogen or LED viewer.  

14 Incandescent Viewer Bulb $3.00
245B Incandescent Viewer Bulb Brighter $4.50


Halogen Bulb for Elvira Light attachment

We now offer a special halogen bulb which fits in the Elvira light attachment.  This bulb puts out a great amount of balanced white light, perfect for slide viewing.  This will hold up your viewing to even in the brightest room.
3746 Halogen Bulb (clear) 5.2V for Elvira Light Attachment  5.95
3746 Halogen Bulb (frosted) 5.2V for Elvira Light Attachment  6.95


For do-it-yourself Viewer builders we now offer Loupes!!! Click here!

Achromatic 44mm Focal LengthAchromatic Lenses

These are 44mm F.L. 20mm diameter achromatic lenses (Wollensak or equivalent) which correct for spherical and chromatic aberrations.  They come in metal mounts which can be used in home made stereo slide viewers for interocular adjustments.  The mounts can be easily removed to allow the lenses to be used as replacements for any viewer which uses 20mm diameter lenses.  We also offer instructions on how to replace the lenses on your Red Button or other viewers.  Here we have instructions for replacing the bad lenses that come with the Kodaslide I viewer with these high quality lenses.

SKU#501 Price $27.50/Pair

Plastic Lens Pairs for card viewingA pair of lenses.

These are plastic lenses paired for placing in homemade cardboard (or otherwise) viewers for viewing stereo cards or for the 2.5" FL cards.  We offer three varieties depending on focal length. 

506 Plastic Lens Pair 7 inch FL 1.65
507 Plastic Lens Pair 4 inch FL 1.65
508 Plastic Lens Pair 2.5" FL For slides 1.65

Lens Mounts

The mounts shown in SKU#501 without lenses.  These can hold lenses from 19.5 to 20.5mm in diameter.  They include a hole to put a screw into to help with interocular adjustment.

SKU#514 Price $3.50/Pair

Lenses for Stereoscopes (Plastic)scopelenscropped.jpg (29343 bytes)

These lenses are good lens for making a home made Holmes Stereo scope for viewing stereocards and also act as a good replacement for lenses in the stereoscopes we offer.  Thesestereoscopelensesflat.jpg (23438 bytes) include the stereoscope kit and the pedestal stereoscope.  These lenses are prismatic (wedge-like) which is crucial for viewing Holmes style stereocards.  They are 1.5" square.

509 Stereoscope lenses (pair) 7.95

New Glass stereoscope lens!

These are top quality glass lens that can be used for replacing the plastic lenses in the stereoscopes we offer or in replacing lenses in vintage stereoscopes.  They can also be used by craftsman in making your own stereoscope. They are 1 1/4" square (see image) and made of optical grade glass.  Add them to your stereoscope for nice clear viewing. stereoscopesquarelenslores.jpg (111021 bytes)
lenstoplores.jpg (13222 bytes)
510 Glass stereoscope lens (pair) 29.95
We also offer books on viewer repair

Viewer Bulbs  Lenses   Services   Viewer Repair Books     Loupes

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