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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

February 2021

Macrophant 3d 

MacrophantCover.jpg (653261 bytes)

Newest Phantogram Book, longer and incredibly good 3d images!

More Information

6875 Macrophant 3d $34.95

January 2021

Super 3d!001.jpg (3606374 bytes)

This unique viewer can be used both as a print viewer or a smartphone VR type viewer.  View SBS images on any mobile phone between 4.7 to 6 inch screen size or view the included cards which are laminated on heavy plastic.  The viewer has a unique backlighting system that will illuminate cards which will fit the viewer from the side.  It is powered by 3 watch batteries (included). MORE INFO


January 2020

We decided to offer the most niche product ever!  This product will help detect the direction of a the linear component of polarized material.  Put it on a projection filter or glasses and slowly rotate.  The axis orientation is indicated when it becomes its darkest.  This is great when trying to detect the orientation of polarized filters and polarized glasses. Actual size is 4 inches long.  For use with circular polarized material it is useful for determining the linear component.  More Information

arrow001.gif (46511 bytes) arrow002.gif (220153 bytes)


3DRO 3D Arrow 19.95

October 2019

NEW! BereVR VR and Google Cardboard Viewer

Works with all large smartphones, supports google cardboard apps and won't break the bank! Details!

Magnetic Switch for Google Cardboard Applications
Wide comfortable adjustable straps for attaching to your head
Eyeport that allows for person wearing glasses to view without removing glasses
Focusing adjustment independent for each eye that can be adjusted when using without removing the device from head
Interocular adjustment for changing interpupillary distance while attached and viewing image
Comfortable solid durable construction
NFC sticker for phones to communicate the viewer characteristics to the phone for supported Google Cardboard applications 


NEW! Dale Walsh Color Stereocard Reproductions

These are 13 cards that were originally part of a 3D calendar which are now standard size color stereoviews.  They were photographed by renown contemporary Canadian 3d photographer Dale Walsh.  It was printed commercially on Kalima 10 point paper using a recto-verso, litho offset 4 color process at 2400 dots per inch (DPI) with a line screen of 175 (LPI) lines per inch.  This means you can view it with magnification without any dots visible.  
612.jpg (121504 bytes) SKU 612 Dale Walsh Color Stereocards (13 cards) $9.95

SKU 612V Dale Walsh cards with Lorgnette $13.95

More Information


Standard Cardholder Carrier383CC.JPG (91548 bytes)

This is the part that holds the cards and includes the brass wire cardholders, hardware and crosspiece.  Will fit most stereo viewers although may need some modification on some (sanding the channel so it will fit).  This is 7 inches wide and fits all standard stereo cards.  More Information

383CC Cardholder Carrier 19.95

6 Inch wide card carrier

This is for people who want to view side by side prints with a stereoscope that are not traditionally sized but that are made to fit on 4 x 6 inch prints such as those made in standard print processing.  These can be set up using the free program Stereo Photo Maker or shown without modification when shot using a Loreo attachment.  More Information

386CC 6 inch wide Cardholder Carrier 19.95


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