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Loreo 3D Macro Lens in a Cap

The Loreo 3D Macro Lens in a Cap (patent pending) is for subframe (1.5x - 1.6x) digital SLR cameras withmacrocapdetail.gif (145560 bytes) interchangeable lenses. This lens has been in development since late 2004, and is the latest in Loreo's digital ready Lens in a Cap series. This Macro 3D Lens extends the capabilities of digital SLR cameras into the world of Macro 3D. SLR cameras have accurate viewing, exposure control and a wide range of shutter speeds. Some SLRs have auto TTL flash. Most can be fitted with powerful external flash units. With the Loreo 3D Macro Lens in a Cap, these features can be harnessed to produce excellent 3D print or digital images. Loreo Lenses work best with SLR cameras which permit auto-metering to function with non-proprietary lenses. The processed 3D prints are ready for viewing with our print 3D Viewers, such as the Maxi 3D Viewer and Lite 3D viewer. Images can also be viewed on computer screens with a many of our other viewers. It is advised that users resize images to not more than 15 inches across onscreen for optimum 3D effect with the Pixi 3D Viewer.

Technical Information
LOREO 3D Macro Lens in a Cap Specifications

For the technically minded, the Macro 3D Cap has a single focusing lens, focusing range from 23cm to 85 cm (9 - 33 inches), 38 mm focal length, effectively 60 mm after accounting for the 1.5 - 1.6x FOV crop factor. The front of the lens is equipped with a 52 mm filter thread for mounting lightweight filters and closeup lenses. This further extends the macro capabilities of the lens. Closeup lenses allow the camera to be brought in closer to the subject, and also help correct parallax. The Macro 3D Lens in Cap follows the popular Loreo 3D system, forming a 3D effect by transposing two images within the beamsplitter into a parallel format output. The image pair is immediately ready for viewing with Loreo viewers.

Beam splitters designed in the 1960s for SLR cameras have a pronounced keystone effect. In the 3D Macro Lens in a Cap the keystone effect is significantly reduced and has negligible effect on the comfortable viewability of the 3D image pair. It is a self-contained, integrated beamsplitter and lens system that mounts directly onto the camera body and does not need any supporting lens. This means that it does not work with any camera which does not have interchangeable lenses. macro3d.jpg (140136 bytes)

It ships with a choice from 4 common mount types - Canon EOS, Nikon F, Pentax K, Minolta AF (Sony Alpha). It is not available for Olympus digital SLR cameras. The FOV crop factor of these cameras (2x) cannot be accommodated, and the new Olympus mount is incompatible with Loreo's standard OM mount.

The Canon 1D has a 27.0 x 17.8mm frame size. The 3D Macro Lens in a Cap is not compatible with this frame size. The Olympus E series (E1, E300 etc) has a multiplier of 2, which the 3D Lens in a Cap is not currently compatible with.

The Loreo 3D Macro Lens in a Cap is an all-manual lenses with no electronic parts. SLR cameras which function with non-proprietary lenses are most likely to permit automatic light metering with Loreo lenses.

For most digital SLRs "Three Quarter Frame version" with three quarter frame APS and digital SLRs such as the Canon D series these will work.  Please see here for a complete list of compatible cameras.  If your digital camera is full frame SLR a normal 3D Lens-in-a-cap will work but this version will not. Most digital SLRs (removable lens) will use the yhis 3/4 version this includes the Canon D and Digital Rebel series and Nikon N series Digital SLRs. 

Now in stock!

170EOS 3D Macro LIAC with Lorgnette Viewer (Canon EOS version)  $119.95
170N 3D Macro LIAC with Lorgnette Viewer (Nikon Version) $119.95
170PK 3D Macro LIAC with Lorgnette Viewer (Pentax K Version) works with Pentax K (bayonet type mount)  $119.95
170MAF 3D Macro LIAC with Lorgnette Viewer (Minolta and Sony Alpha)  $119.95

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