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Loreo 321 35mm Stereoscopic Camera & 3D Viewer

Discontinued (see below)

Creates 3D images from standard 35mm Film. Also known as the Loreo 1.2.3 Camera

(And takes regular 35mm photos too!)

New Low Price!!!

This special Vivitar camera is unique in that it can take both 3D and 2D pictures.  It is a point and shoot DX coded camera with an electronic flash, auto advance and comes with a great viewer for viewing the exciting stereo pictures that will be made.  This camera is backed up by a 1 year warranty.

Use ordinary print film and ordinary print processing to get easy 3D pictures!!  Works with both 4x6 and 3 1.2 by 5".  Slide the pictures in the viewer and viola almost instant 3D.

The camera can be changed from a 3D camera to a 2D camera by a slider and back again, in the same roll of film.  Also is can use any speed film (the camera is DX coded) and normal print processing.  

This is a modern 3D print camera which can also be used (with a little more work) for making stereo cards for viewing in an antique stereoscope.  

Camera Specifications 3D-Camsm.gif (45980 bytes)
Camera Type  Mono/Stereo
Film Format  35mm standard film
Lens Twin 35mm = f5.6mm,
Shutter Two speed program shutter
Aperture f5.6 with flash, f11 in daylight
Focus Range  Pan focus from 5 feet to infinity
Frame counter  Progressive type with auto-reset 3D-viewer.gif (43850 bytes)
Film advance  Motorized
Film rewind  Motorized
Flash  Built-in flash, automatic activating system, flash most effective from 5-12 feet
Power off  Automatic power off 3 sec. (approx.)
Power source  2 1.5c AA alkaline or manganese batteries
Power control  Auto power off (2 minutes)
Dimensions 148(W) X 88L) X 90(H) mm
Weight  203 grams/8 oz. (without batteries)
Viewer Specifications
Viewing print sizes Standard 3R (3.5 X 5 ") or 4R (4 X 6")prints
Viewer size  135(W) X 152(H) X 63 (D)
Viewer weight 152grams/6 oz.

Specifications subject to change without notice 2005 Berezin Stereo Photography Products

Camera Features:

Uses regular 35mm film & processing
3D and 2D pictures
Electronic Flash.
Easy to use. Motorized film advance & rewind.
Large Viewfinder.
Folding 3D viewer also stores photos.

Fun Fact!!!- The back of the viewer can be removed for viewing stereo cross eyed pairs on computer monitors!

Make stereo cards or red/blue or red/cyan anaglyphs with this and our Pokescope software!  Great for making 3D Holiday cards and gifts!

100 Loreo 321 3D Cam and Viewer Discontinued

Please try the lens in cap as a replacement see: Digital LIAC


100V Extra Viewer (still available) 19.95

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