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Macrophant 3D
by Barry Rothstein and Jim McManus


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These are images of pages in the book, which allow for viewing with anaglyph (red-cyan) glasses, or free viewing, both parallel and cross-eyed.This book is full color in 11" x 14" format, and features fifty-two pages plus the cover. Instructional pages toward the start of the book explain how the images were processed, and description pages toward the back identify the subjects of the pages. Each book comes with 2 pairs of red-cyan 3-D glasses.

A phantogram is an optical illusion, a special class of 3-dimensional photography. Phantogram images miraculously rise off the printed pages, perfectly realistic phantoms of the real subjects photographed. The illusion is accomplished by the systematic mimicry of normal vision.

  6875 Macrophant 3d  $34.95


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